The food design project

Maneli Naeimian und Mag.a Melanie Trautenberger-Raft

An extraordinary experience

Monday, the 26th of February 2018, was an unforgettable day for class 7b of BRG4 - our food design project took place. To be more precise, we were taught how to create our personalized pralines, how to make our own stencils, and how to fill these. After introducing herself, the food design expert tried to answer as many of our questions as time permitted. Afterwards the class including professor Trautenberger-Raft, who has arranged the workshop, watched a short documentary about the fact that optical as well as audible impressions influence our appetite way more than taste. Afterwards, while the white, milk and dark bars of chocolate were melting and the fillings, such as nuts, desiccated coconut and dried cranberries were lying on the tables, each student formed their praline with play doh. Then we put plastic film on the created shape and let it adjust itself in the microwave oven. Moving on, we poured chocolate sauce into our moulds and let it harden. To be honest, this experience certainly exceeded my expectation since we were also allowed to keep our self-made moulds. So now, every time we wish to make our own chocolate, we only need to go to the supermarket, buy a bar of chocolate, melt and refrigerate it. What could be easier?

Many thanks to Mag. Katrin Nora Kober from Design mobil KulturKontakt Austria


Praline cast manufactured by Kassi

Backside of Broken heart praline designed by Sara K

Broken heart praline designed by Sara K.

Hardening pralines on the window sill

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